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About the SMCA

The SMCA is an independent organisation, established to represent the commercial rights of firms to the regulators. The association was formed in 2013, at the suggestion of a number of financial service organisations, who felt the need for social media compliance to have an unbiased and specialized voice within their industry. The goal is to drive compliant best practice in a realistic and commercial manner, and is supported by our Charter, Guidance and Forums. The Charter forms the bedrock of the SMCA as a set of principles embodying best practice social media compliance for financial service firms. From the Charter, practicable Guidance was formed and reviewed by the FCA in February in 2014. Since then the SMCA has been recognised as a focal point through which regulatory authorities, and trade organisations may liaise collaboratively and constructively with the financial services; helping to ensure industry regulation and best practice are abreast of global standards and innovative practices. This conversation is now global, and the inaugural annual ‘Global Regulators Summit’ will take place in the House of Lords in December 2015. By joining the Social Media Charter Association, firms are able to drive industry dialogue and the evolution of best practice in social media compliance, as well as access world-class thought leadership through industry forums and events.


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